About Jaws of Brooklyn


Since The Jaws of Brooklyn’s inception in 2020, the 7 piece, soul-inspired rock band has won the hearts of the Pacific Northwest music scene with their melodic grooves, punchy vocal harmonies and high-energy performances that get people moving.

Their debut album, The Shoals, produced by Alabama Shakes’ keyboardist Ben Tanner was recorded in Florence, Alabama and released in 2022. Spill Magazine said this about the album: “The Shoals embodies the sun-soaked soul and seductive grit while standing at the crossroads where rock and roll and soul converge…. Each listen uncovers a different flourish and musical nuisance. Whether it be the perfectly blended soulful croons on “All that is Golden,” the upstroke jangle on “Whose Heart is This,” or the bassline that won’t quit walking in “Sugar Sugar,” it’s a catalog of influence, originality, and unbottled energy.”

After two years of playing shows throughout Washington and Oregon, the band announced plans for their first tour circuit early in 2023 from Portland down to Austin, TX for SXSW. They plan to round out the summer as official artists for the 25th anniversary of Capitol Hill Block party. They have been featured in such publications as American Songwriter, Loud Women, Billboard and Atwood Magazine.